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A Memorial to Steven Glassgow

Steven Glassgow In memory and dedication to Steven Donald Glassgow December 17, 1969-April 1, 2005
To my brother, business partner and best friend, this page is dedicated to Steve Glassgow. His mark will always be ingrained in WG Sports Photos and in particular, the lives of my family and I. His loyalty, love and perseverance will be remembered by all of us.
He came to us while in remission from testicular cancer and died 7 months later after his cancer resurfaced. In that short time, we became closer than ever before in our lives. Working, eating, and living together, we forged a bond that will never be broken, even in death.
He died with the greatest of dignity. Never wanting anyone to be hurt by his suffering. Always hiding his pain and never complaining. He never once blamed anyone for his disease or his approachng death. His spirit is out there somewhere touching our lives.Giving us his love, hope and courage.
Willis Glassgow

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